Why Amazon Bought MGM — and What Comes Next

1 This Is All about Amazon Prime

2 James Bond Could Become a Thorn in Amazon’s Side

3 The New Hollywood Arms Race Will Intensify

  • Buy more titles from Old Hollywood studios, as they did in 2020 — which is essentially what Amazon is doing at scale by making a run at MGM.
  • Buy more studios, with Apple being the strongest candidate to do so because of Apple’s cash reserves.
  • Buy each other. Apple could possibly buy Netflix. Apple+ lacks brand cachet, but Apple has loads of cash. The reverse is true for Netflix. And it’s getting more expensive for Netflix to keep creating titles.
  • Recruit more talent from Old Hollywood. For instance, Director David Fincher recently signed an exclusive four-year deal with Netflix. Fincher, responsible for prestigious titles such as Fight Club and Zodiac, released his Academy-Award nominated movie, Mank, on Netflix in December 2020 following a brief theatrical run.
  • Expand film distribution beyond streaming to start capturing audiences as they return slowly to theaters, as Netflix is doing with its new Zack Snyder film, Army of the Dead. I could also see Amazon buying some cash-strapped theaters, where Amazon could hustle its private-label brands in the lobbies and offer special rewards for Amazon Prime members.

4 Old Hollywood Is on the Ropes



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