Roger Waters Leads a Musical Resistance

  • In 2016 Beyoncé departed from her usual songs about dancing and grinding to release Lemonade, a celebration of black sisterhood that contributed to the conversation about #BlackLivesMatter.
  • In August, Pink released “What about Us,” with its accusations of betrayal from political leaders.
  • Kendrick Lamar continues to confront American racism on albums such as To Pimp a Butterfly and Damn.

Fear keeps us all in line
Fear of all those foreigners
Fear of all their crimes

  • If you voted for Trump, why?
  • If you did not vote for Trump, what are you doing to resist what he stands for?
  • Regardless of how you voted, are you willing to engage in a dialogue with the other side?
  • Are you willing to examine the reasons why Waters supports the BDS movement?
  • Are Waters’s critics correct in labeling his beliefs as anti-Semitic? Why or why not? And how do those criticisms affect your support of his music?

Hey you, out there on the road
Always doing what you’re told
Can you help me?



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