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Lady Gaga Was the Real Super Bowl Winner

Sorry, Doritos, T-Mobile, and Audi, but the Lady Gaga brand left you all in the dust during Super Bowl 50. It might be crass to think of her emotional National Anthem rendition as an advertisement, and, strictly speaking, her appearance was not an ad in the same way we think of a paid placement. But make no mistake: within 2 minutes and 30 seconds, she re-interpreted her personal brand for a global audience by demonstrating she can capture our attention through the power of her voice alone instead of through elaborate costumes and staging.

Anyone who doubted Lady Gaga’s vocal chops heading into the Super Bowl 50 national anthem was (A) foolish to begin with and (B) proven completely wrong.

With one performance, she demonstrated that her success is rooted in an enduring talent. And by relying on the Super Bowl, she literally sang over her critics and took her case to 112 million people.

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