I agree. We’re seeing the worst of social media: all mob, no thought. Regarding how the season ended, I agree about Bran. I liked what someone wrote on Twitter: “Bran is that guy in your study group who does the bare minimum, doesn’t show up to most of the meetings, and ends up getting an A.” I could have done without the return of Robin Arryn near the end, who was a bizarre distraction. And I’m still processing Dany . . . but that’s the beauty of fans coming together and discussing our reactions, isn’t it? We have this exchange online that, hopefully, enriches our appreciation for art. A petition to change the show does nothing. Incidentally, the theme that resonated for me the most at the end was the strength of family ties. For exampe, Tyrion Lannister’s speech to Jaime about growing up together, his attempt to help Jaime and Cersai escape, and his anguished reaction to their fate underscored how his love for family (even to a dysfunctional family) clouded his judgment. I think we’ll be talking about Season 8 for a long time.

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