How We Listen to Music in Our Cars

The 60th Grammy Awards, being broadcast January 28, represent the music industry’s biggest night — and they remind us how intertwined music and cars are.

  • Compact discs/own music collection: 15 percent.
  • Satellite radio: 14 percent.
  • Online radio: 9 percent.
  • Other: 5 percent.
  • Compact discs/own music collection: 17 percent.
  • Satellite radio: 11 percent.
  • Online radio: 8 percent.
  • Other: 5 percent.
  • Listening to AM/FM is a passive experience. The radio station curates all the music for you, leaving you with fewer decisions to make while you’re focusing on driving.
  • The generations who do most of the car buying and driving in the United States grew up with AM/FM radio. It’s the experience they know.

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